Kylie Borg

Please read this section before your session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

I work 1:1 with my clients to support them through the process of knowing their truth and owning it. Together we identify and take action on where they want to be in their life, learn how to control and respond to their unique challenges, and be their authentic self.

2. What can I expect from the call?

During the call, we’ll spend our time understanding the current challenges you are facing and what it is you are hoping to achieve through the coaching program.

3. Who is Kylie Borg?

Having been in an emotionally traumatic and narcissistic relationship for several years, I was often depressed or in denial.  I had three psychologists tell me I was in a troubled relationship so I left…the psychologist.  Again, and again, and again.   

I continually put myself last until I no longer knew who I was or what I wanted or needed for my own happiness. 

For a long time I felt ashamed and embarrassed that I could have “let” this happen.   

But I also knew that thinking this way was not going to help me move forward. Not only did I have two children I couldn’t let down, but I also wanted to be a role model for them. I also never (ever) wanted to be or be seen as a victim. That’s just not my story.

So what next? I reconnected with the world and accepted my truth. Every day I took a step in the right direction – the direction I wanted to go.

A few years on now I know myself better than ever before. I make time for the things I love to do and the people I love to see and I have the courage and confidence to take on anything that comes my way (if I want to!).

My mission is to help and support women with similar past experiences to mine. Knowing someone is in your corner that is not only there to help you move forward, but who also understands your past that only one who has experienced it can, is something I never had. And that’s why I’m here for you.